Bio./Critic's Statement

In the assignments below, you'll be introducing yourselves to the people you'll be working with and— in a manner of speaking— working for. These are ways to both to tell something about yourself and pitch your potential contribution. You needn't be formal, as in the manner of a business letter; however, don't be "cute." Establish yourself as a credible and knowledgeable.

Bio. (250 words)

A letter—your group will receive a copy of this as well—that describes your area of interest, your background as it’s pertinent to what you’d like to do and the area you’re interested in writing about. Look over the kinds of piece we'll be working and feel free to suggest possible articles (briefly).

“Critic’s Statement" (250 words)

A 250 word statement of your principles and beliefs regarding your area of interest. Feel free to describe work in the field you think is exemplary—as a writer and as a fan— and to describe the work of writers you admire.

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