Group 2 Document Analysis Memo

Opening: We believe an effective arts publication engages the reader with a wide variety of articles, pictures, and media. It is exciting without being overwhelming, educated without being presumptuous and makes readers want to come back every day to check for something new.

We believe it takes the following to create an effective arts publication:
1) A clear logo and tool bar that divide the different areas of the website into clear sections.
Example: Every website given has this.
2) Uses both images AND words to describe its features.
Example: TheDailyBeast is our ideal- it uses huge picture links with clear titles to entice you into clicking on the item. It does not have an article title as a link with a blurb from that article as your only “flavor”, if you will, that represents the article like in ArtsJournal. Another example is DanceArtsWriter. We like how every entry on the site has a clear large photograph. Media is a good way to catch people’s attention, especially pictures that are artistically shot and in high definition.
3) Is not overwhelmingly wordy/the home page is straightforward, not cluttered.
Example: Both ExqusiteCorpse and ArtsJournal are overwhelming. The entire homepage for ExqusiteCorprse too full of words and entries. It is overwhelming. Artsjournal does not have an effective display for its stories in our opinion.
4) An exciting colored background.
Example: On DanceArtsWriter, the blue background grabs your attention and holds it. An effective color is one that makes you feel something (like calm or hunger or anger) or makes your words pop like black.
5) Slideshows and Flash Art
Example: TheDailyBeast and NoDepression- We find this encourages the viewer to stay on the website longer and to explore. You can get caught up in a slide show or a video clip or perhaps a top 10, 50, or 100 list and that will almost force you to stay on the site longer.
6) Accomodating/Knowing Your Readers
Example: On NoDepression there is a list at the bottom of the homepage that gives the reader a list of activities they might be interested. This is the epitome of an effective website because it proves that the site itself knows who their reader is and what they’d enjoy based on their patronage.

Conclusion: Based on the above guidelines, we want to get to know our audience and please them. It is important that we set out to do the best publication we possibly can so that above all else we are proud of what we’ve accomplished.

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