Group 3

Site Analysis Memo
By Group 3
Opening: We feel that a successful publication would be accessible to a wide range of audiences. A good site should not be too text heavy, it should have understandable language, it should have interesting imagery that correlates with the text of the article. A good publication is also aware of their audience. The readership should be part of an experience, not just passively reading.
Art Beast- The Daily Beast provides the art lover with an eclectic, multi-genre forum for viewing what’s new and interesting in the art world. At the bottom of the page, there are links to other sites that would be interesting to a similar audience.
Pitchfork- On the homepage, there are album and track reviews available. There is more than just a headline, to the give the reader an idea of what the article is about. You can play the songs on Forkcast right on the website. You don’t need to go to a different website. Articles organized by date for convenience.
Atlantic Food- write to an audience, the syntax and diction is accessible to a wide audience. The page is not text heavy; it is broken up with images and links.
Dance Arts Writer- The writer spells out who her target audience is. The site is minimalist and easy to navigate.
When we approach a topic in the future, we will keep all of these strategies in mind. We will not bombard the audience with heavy text. We will break up the text with interesting imagery and links to make their experience more expansive and thought provoking.

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