Compose a 500 piece reviewing a recent work by an artist. We'll read reviews and analyze theme for structure, style, and other features. I encourage you to look for models of a reviews that you like. You'll pitch the idea of a particular artist or work that you'd like to review to your group so that it fits within the overall feel of the publication you've created.

The reviews you create will be intended to give the audience a view of something they may or may not have seen or heard.
You won't be writing necessarily positive or negative reviews; that will be up to you.
But something we will keep in mind is that you're credibility depends on how well you manage shared assumptions with your audience and how you diverge from.

When we look at reviews, we'll keep several things in mind, among them:

How writer introduces and describes the work under consideration
How the writer manages any background information necessary to understand the work
How the writer creates a credible voice and point of view— expressing both an assessment of the work and her principles
How the writer creates a relationship to the audience

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